Maxseal Flex

MAXSEAL® FLEX is a two-component product. Component A is a water-based special acrylic resin and component B, is a mortar based on a mixture of special cements, additives and well-graded aggregates.
Once applied and cured, MAXSEAL® FLEX provides a non-toxic, flexible and waterproof coating with very high adhesion on those common substrates in construction such as concrete, natural and artificial stone, traditional mortar plasters, bricks, concrete blocks, etc.

Product Details


MAXSEAL® FLEX is supplied in grey and white colour, both available in standard and smooth textures. Pigmented version MAXSEAL® FLEX DECOR is available in light colours by especial request.

Pre-weighed sets of 35 kg (10 kg component A + 25 kg component B) and 7 kg (2 kg component A + 5 kg component B) for standard texture and pre- weighed sets of 32 kg (10 kg component A + 22 kg component B) and 7 kg (2 kg component A + 5 kg component B) for smooth texture.

Product Brochure and Downloads


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